SG Finance - SG Finans in Norway is a Rip-off!

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A colleague signed a contract five years ago to rent a watercooler and get a quarterly delivery of smoothies, and biannual filter change and service.This service cost our small company a whopping 6000 USD per year!

Not so good, but the company in the contract went baqnkrupt immediately afterwards and passed all the contracts on to a credit/collection agancy. I started here about 3 years ago and noticed we never got any service or delivery of smoothie mix, in spite of the expensive rental fees for the watercooler.I complained in writng and on the phone anfd the company repeatedly refused to help and just referred me to a new subcontractor to complain to. I never got anywhere with them either and we suffered through 3 year of high costs in excahnge for absolutely nothing, since the cooler broke. Still we didn't want to pay a lawyer or damage our credit rating in general so we paid until the contract went out.

Now they sent a bill for a rental extension!And won't answer my calls or mail!

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